1914 FIRST BLOOD by John Hughes-Wilson

The book is titled “1914 First Blood” and the author is Colonel (Retd) John Hughes-Wilson who served for many years as a Sherwood Forester, prior to moving to the Intelligence Corps. The book which is the first of a series all about a young infantry lieutenant T. O. M. Gunn, a Sherwood Forester in the Great War, and the series over the next four years, will follow his exploits through the war year by year. The setting for the book fits extremely well with the movements of the Foresters and although the book is fiction it has a definite ring of truth as to places, movements, actions etc. It is excellent and well worth reading.  The book can be obtained from Museum of The Mercian Regiment (WFR Collection) at £9.95.  Contact the Curator on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain your copy.

Tom Gunn