The Mercian Regiment WFR Museums - Regimental Archives

The Mercian Regiment, WFR Museums have two archives; one in Nottingham and one in Worcester. Both hold extensive archive material, including photographs, War Diaries, Regimental histories and Magazines, personal letters, diaries and memoirs. An archive enquiry service is offered for a small fee.

Fees for research are used to fund our volunteer costs and conservation and maintenance of the museums and their archives. The charge is based on approximately one hour of research for the information and the preparation of an informative response. If there is more information, potentially, available and more time is required we will inform you and may ask for an additional fee. In some cases we are not always able to supply any information, however a charge will still be levied.

With limited resources we regrettably cannot answer telephone enquirers. We ask that you contact us by e-mail or by post using the enquiry form and that you give us as much detail as possible to enable us to provide you with an informative response.

As all enquiries are researched by volunteers, from the date of received payment it may take up to 4 weeks for us to investigate and respond to your request.